Thursday, February 02, 2006


The results from the 2005 THRILLIES are trickling in, slowly but steadily, to my site -- slowly, because I only upload them to the site every few days

Why not have it automated? Because some people are infantile jerks. And "infantile jerks" is not the phrase I'd use were we speaking privately. Lord knows, my language isn't always the most proper (and yes, dear, I'm working on it), nor am I a prude, but there's something about the deliberately gratuitous use of offensive or insulting language that pushes all my buttons.

So I go through the time-consuming task of going through the comments and editing out the nonsense. Otherwise it's like handing a moron a can of spray paint and pointing to a blank wall.

Disagree with an opinion, have a gripe with me, whatever... fine. But when did we suddenly become so obnoxious? It's not even a matter of political correctness -- it's a matter of civility.

A white suburban jock with beans for brains thinks it's fine (or maybe "cool") to call co-workers "niggers;" a prim and proper older person who strongly disapproves of today's "foul" language nonetheless readily uses terms like "hebes" and "jungle bunnies" and "faggots;" an apparently disgruntled anonymous (of course) web surfer fills up the CHEAP THRILLS ballot form with expletives.

And the excuses for it are always depressingly lame and hollow.

"Ooh, I was angry."

"Ooh, I was just joking."

Or most lame of all: "Ooh, that's what THEY call themselves."

On that last point, yes, some members of some groups may refer privately to each other in perjorative terms, or publicly as a sort of self-defensive gesture, but it's simply not right. If you want respect, the first step is to respect yourself. Casually referring to yourself as "fag" or "nigger" or "gimp" or "wop" or "kike" or "dyke" or whatever is false pride -- how many in those groups would refer to their grandmother -- to her face -- in those terms?

Even envelope-pushing comics like Richard Pryor or Lenny Bruce knew when (mostly -- nobody's perfect) to draw the line and when to let it rip. It's all about context. Too bad too many of their less-talented descendants miss the point completely -- it's not the words themselves that are funny, but the men. And it's particularly sad that too many of their fans also miss the point.

Like, "Hey, he said %**($$##&!!! He's so ^*%$#*! FUNNY! He's so &$!$ COOL!!!"


Anyway, if you haven't voted for the THRILLIES head on over to

Tell 'em Joe sent ya.

And try to keep your opinions on Steve Hamilton or whoever polite...


Blogger Confessions of a Starving Mystery Writer said...

It is funny that in this age of extreme political correctness that you have to wade through such crap.

Well, good luck. I feel for you, that would be hard to stomach.

4:08 PM, February 02, 2006  

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