Thursday, March 23, 2006

Get Yer Motor Runnin', Head Out on the Highway...Road Trip!!!!

Big News! This Sunday I slip the surly bonds of gainful (well, almost) employment for a little motorvatin'...

I'll be up at dawn to drive from the wild, untamed cultural desert of Palmdale into civilization (if you can call Los Angeles civilized) for the 2006 "LESSERCON," the big paperback/pulp/digest/magazine show and sale organized every year by Tom Lesser.

As usual, it's in Mission Hills, at the Guest House Inn (which used to be called the Mission Hills Inn) at 10621 Sepulveda. There's plenty of authors and artists there as usual (Max Allan Collins and William F. Nolan seem to be regulars) and tons and tons of paperbacks and other goodies you didn't even know you absolutely needed, often at very affordable prices.

Anyway, it's like a year of prowling garage sales and flea markets for pulp treasure jammed into one day. And an an extra incentive, this year's show is dedicated to the memory of Kelly Freas & Dennis Lynds. (One of the highlights of my mystery life has to be the year Max introduced me to his pal Mickey... Spillane, that is.)

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But that's not my entire day...

After that, I'm off to Westwood to crash the Mystery Bookstore around three, where Windy City mystery critic Dick Adler will be struttung his stuff, heading a panel on mystery criticism and signing copies of DREAMS OF JUSTICE, his new collection of essays and reviews which I've already raved about. Panellists include Jan Burke, Denise Hamilton, Naomi Hirahara, Harley Jane Kozak, Rochelle Krich, Twist Phelan, and Patricia Smiley, and there's a joke about pretty women and our man Dick in there that I won't even start to tell...

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If you see me, feel free to say "Hi." I hardly ever bite anymore.

And maybe we can even find a pub or something in Westwood for a quickie, before I head back into the desert...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, You're a great guy, I love ya and miss ya, but even I'm not interested in a desert quickie with you! Only DL can handle that.

3:38 AM, March 24, 2006  

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