Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry This and That, and Happy Everything...

That's gotta be the best non-denominational, all-inclusive greeting I've heard this year, even better than my usual "Have a Holly Jolly and a Happy Ho-Ho."

Of course, such a non-offensive salutation will still probably tick off the Yahoo Right's Spiritual Advisor, Bill O'Riley, and his disciples, but he's such an opportunistic windbag of narrow-minded, thin-skinned hate and divisiveness that getting his goat seems like not just the American but even the Christian thing to do.

So have a good one, Bill. Read the Bible sometime, instead of just thumping it. And imagine a world where people of all races and creeds aren't torn apart by petty-minded rabble rousers shilling "the truth" on television. You may think that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

I mean, come on. If there's a "war" on Christmas, Christmas won long ago, at least on this continent.

So, Merry Christmas everybody, or whatever shakes your tree.I don't care if you're Muslim or Buddhist or Jewish or Christian or left-handed or whatever -- have a good time and a great new year (whenever your new year decides to kick in) and embrace the best wishes of those who offer it to you in the spirit it's intended. That's what the true spirit of the season is.

And Happy Boxing Day. I hope you don't have to work today and can just relax and spend some (relatively) quiet time with you and yours.

Me? I'm going to try to finally wrap up the latest issue of THRILLING DETECTIVE, eat some leftovers, listen to some music and maybe have a beer or two. Then the Girl Detective and I will probably have a nice supper, watch an old movie or two (hopefully something with murder in it) and groan that we ate too much.

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Blogger Sean Chercover said...

Happy Boxing Day, Kevin.

9:28 PM, December 26, 2007  

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