Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ah, the Things You Find When Cleaning Up Old Files...

This is a quote I stumbled across when looking for something else. I eventually used it in a piece I wrote, and considering its source, I still think it still stands out as a bit of brave writing.
“In my career as a detective, both as a police officer and an author, I have always followed the evidence, wherever it lead. My investigation of the death penalty in Oklahoma County has brought me to this conclusion: death penalty cases are not investigated or prosecuted at a level that can guarantee justice, or even that the accused is actually guilty.

I no longer believe in the death penalty. I no longer have faith that it is administered fairly or justly. I fear innocent people have been executed…

I could make all sorts of arguments about deterrence, cost-effectiveness, wrongful convictions, politics, philosophy, and so on. But it boils down to this – the death penalty brings out the worst in all of us: hatred, anger, vengeance, ambition, cruelty, and deceit…

The story of the death penalty in Oklahoma, and throughout America, is sad, even depressing. But it is not without hope. The solution rests with each one of us to see the truth and then act on it. To choose justice over revenge.”

Anyone recognize the source?

You can probably google it in about 2 seconds, but does anyone have any guesses? The answer may surprise some of you. And piss off others.

By the way, for anyone who reads this very erratically published blog, I know, I know. Where have I been?

I think I'm about to break surface again.