Sunday, November 05, 2006

From the Thrilling Detective Vault #2: Chance Purdue

Well, here's number two in the series (Collect 'em all!). I guess I'm just gonna keep doing this until someone tells me to stop.

Created by Ross Spencer (1921-1998)

A series of novels spoofing the private eye genre.

They feature the beer-soaked adventures and screwball cases of a Chicago-based P.I.

His name is Chance Purdue.

They are all titled The "Something-or-other" Caper.

They are all written in one-sentence paragraphs.

Like this.

And no punctuation.

Except for periods and question marks.

Each chapter begins with witticisms quotes and aphorisms from Monroe D. Underwood.


I don't know who he is either.

Some people think they're a real hoot.

Some don't.

Author Ross H. Spencer went on to create a whole slew of low-rent, hard-drinking stumblebum Chicago private eyes who stagger, stumble and bumble their way through cases in a self-induced alcoholic fog in pursuit of truth, justice, nymphomaniacs and beer. Fortunately, he dropped the annoying prose style. Some of his other gumshoes include Lacey Lockington, Buzz Deckard, Birch Kirby and Luke Lassiter.

The Dada Caper (1978)
The Regis Arms Caper (1979)
The Stranger City Caper (1980)
The Abu Wahab Caper (1980)
The Raddish River Caper (1981)

The Compleat Chance Purdue (1997)

Lord knows, there's plenty more where this came from. If this tickles your fancy, head on over to the Thrilling Detective Web Site, and get that fancy good and tickled.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To my disappointment this blog is about fictional detective stories. It would be nice to read about a true detective. Any recommendations on where I might find such a blogger?

8:13 AM, November 07, 2006  
Blogger Kevin Burton Smith said...

To my disappointment, some people... well, never mind.

Try a search engine.

7:20 PM, November 09, 2006  

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